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We predict Fast Fashion trends using the models we developed for financial trading systems.

Everything started when a customer of ours told us: why don't you use your financial trading systems to predict fashion trends?! No sooner said than done. The link between fashion trends and financial trends is straightforward: both are related to imitation between agents, and our trading systems are developed exactly to point it out.

The story is well told in this article that INDUSTRIE QUATTRO PUNTO ZERO wrote on us (Italian Language)  

Every day, we download a huge amount of pictures from the web, in particular from the so called "influencer" and their followers. Then, we use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to recognize the garment type, its color and populate a database with the data collected.

Example of garnment and color recognition

After that, we group colors according to our customer's specifications, as human eye can distinguish millions of colors and we have to focus on just a dozen of them:

Example of color clustering

In the end, we feed the data to our financial trading systems, to get an indication on trend development. In the following picture, you'll see an example regarding the trend of red color:

Red trend

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