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Brand Redexe

Our business model is B2B-focused, covering sectors ranging from Finance to ICT, and is centered on delivering advisory services that are grounded in physics-based models and tools, as well as Artificial Intelligence.

Redexe's inception in 2008 by Riccardo Donati, a graduate in Physics, stems from a deep-rooted passion for cross-disciplinary sciences. Originally established as a spin-off of an Asset Management Company, Redexe has since developed a B2B business model, providing advisory services across diverse sectors including Finance and ICT. The starting point is our founder's passion for cross-disciplinary sciences.

       Risk Management

Our financial Risk Management and Reporting services are based on a proprietary risk measure, called RedES™, that is able to take into account of financial shocks and bubbles 

       Asset Management

The most exciting achievement of Redexe is a framework we called Robomanagement™, defining with this term the virtualization of a whole financial asset management team 

       Trading System

We developed proprietary trading systems based on an ISING Spin Model, a model used by Physicists to describe magnets. The key feature is the ability to point out imitative relations and to exploit them in profitable trades 

       Redexe ICT

Our Information and Communication Technology experience, developed in the very critical financial field, is offered to Small Medium Enterprises requiring high availability and security standards 

       Redexe Fashion

The most interdisciplinary business we set up is an application of our financial models to predict fast fashion trends 

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